Roasted Turkey

Roast Turkey

Well the turkey finally defrosted and I was able to cook it on Monday instead of Easter Sunday.

As you know a good plan needs a good back up plan when the good plan doesn’t work.  I have become much more flexible in my mature years.

This turkey was worth the wait, it came out beautifully browned and extremely moist.  I cook my turkey in a roasting bag for 3 hours at 350.  Yes, I said a roasting bag.  Sounds strange, I thought so to, but it produces the best turkey I have ever had with lots of juice for gravy.

My turkey recipe:


16 pound turkey

1 yellow onion halved

Olive oil

Bell’s Seasoning

Roasting bag

1 tbsp. flour (for the roasting bag)


Prepare your turkey by cleaning out the inside and reserving the organs and the neck in a sauce pan.  Use this for gravy making.  Rinse your turkey and remove any stray feathers, freaks some people out when they see a feather on the turkey.  Pat the turkey dry and coat with olive oil.  Place the onion halves in the cavity of the turkey and use Bell’s Seasoning liberally over the whole turkey inside and out.

Place the turkey in the roasting bag, place in a roasting pan and put in the oven for 3 hours.

Remove and let rest before removing it from the bag.  Be careful when removing the turkey the juice will be very hot.  Slice your turkey and serve.  Gravy recipe later.

Bell’s Seasoning

Bell’ Seasoning

When we roast a turkey in our house the first and only seasoning needed is Bell’s Seasoning.  Bell’s has been produced since 1867 and is a blend of rosemary, oregano, sage, ginger, marjoram, thyme and pepper.  This is a salt free and 100% natural product that really enhance the flavor of a turkey.

This is one of those products that my wife and I grew up with in Massachusetts that we still use and love today.  We live in Southern California where the product is not distributed so we have relatives mail us some when we need it.  You can also purchase the product on their website at

Do you have products like Bell’s Seasoning that you grew up with and can’t live without even today?  Let us know what your products are.