Living Life On Purpose

Living Life On Purpose.  What does it mean?  Depends on where you are in life I suppose.  To me it means that you live every day with a purpose to make life matter.  That could mean coming up with a great new recipe and sharing it with everyone.  It could be sharing information that someone else may need.  It definitely means being a giver first all the time.  We live in a self centered world, we can change that one step at a time.

So here you will see information on recipes, healthy products, healthy ways, fitness, business practices and more.  Please enjoy the content, comment often and become part of the adventure Living Life On Purpose.

8 thoughts on “Home

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    • We had a very crazy July. I run a small communtiy center on top of starting a new business so we spent most of July doing fundraisers for the community center and working a new business, lot’s of meetings.
      We did manage to take a few days away to Morro Bay, California that was well timed and needed. I am going to get back on track as of today, Miss all my buddies.


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