Lentils, Something New?

Lentils, Something New?

Where have I been for 54 years, I mean 49 years (the age I decided to stop aging), yesterday was the first time I have ever cooked lentils.  Sure, I have has lentils in soup and probably some other dish I wasn’t aware of.  I have never intentionally cooked lentils to make them part of a recipe.

Well I have made a new discovery, lentils.  Why didn’t anyone tell me they were so easy to make and tasted so great.  Lentils are also good for you.

If you haven’t guessed I really liked the lentils so brace yourself, you will be seeing them in more of my recipes.


1 cup dried lentils (I used green)

2 cups chicken stock

3 peppers your choice cut in strips

Olive oil



Salt and pepper


Place the lentils and stock in a sauce pan on high heat bringing to a boil for about 4-5 minutes.  Turn heat to a simmer and cooked covered until the lentils are the soft texture you like.  Mine took about 15 minutes to cook.

In a skillet over medium heat add the oil and butter.  Add the peppers and saute until soft.  Season with salt and pepper.

To serve place the lentils in the middle of the plate and top with the peppers and cilantro.  I do not season the lentils; I like the earthy flavor and the seasoning from the peppers.  If you want to season your lentils, do so after cooking.  If you season the lentils while cooking they can become hard.

18 thoughts on “Lentils, Something New?

  1. Oh my gosh! This is SO perfect!! I’ve never eaten lentils before either and Mr. Foodie said it’s one of the few things he doesn’t care for. I figured he just never had them cooked right so I bought two bags, brown and red, so we could give them a test drive. I still haven’t gotten to them yet but *just* this morning I was looking at a baggie of peppers I sauteed a while back and stuck the leftovers in the freezer. Guess what I’m doing with my baggie of peppers, lol!!


    • I love food surprise and the lentils where a surprise. We have been shopping at a store that has a lot of bulk items in big barrels. So you can get a small amount to try. Guess where I’m going today? To get more lentils. Enjoy and thanks for all the posts.


  2. Funny you post this about Lentils. Our hairdresser is Indian and she told us to try Lentils after we mentioned we were trying to eat healthier this year. We opted to start buying dried beans instead of canned beans. She suggested Lentil so we purchased them. I made a Good Friday Garlic Lemon Butter Fish with Rice and Lentils and it was so good. I had no idea about how delicious and healthy lentils were. I’m with you on the ‘where have I been” with Lentils.

    Great recipe, I’m going to give it a go considering I have 3 huge bags of Lentils now!

    Cheers Mate


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  7. Lentil dishes are poor men’s meat in Middle East, has got so much protein and you do not have to eat meat. I will give “good bride soup” recipe in my blog very soon very earthy and filling soup made with lentils..Leon


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