Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

There is nothing like a good pork burrito.  Growing up I hated Mexican food, mainly due to the fact what was available in Boston in the 70’ and 80’s was not very good.  Then 22 years ago I moved my family to Southern California and boy did my opinion of Mexican food changed.  Not only did I love it but I learned to cook it and I am so happy I did.  This is my version of the ingredients for a pork burrito.


1lb.      Pork loin

2 tbsp. All purpose spice rub

1 can    Chopped tomatoes

1 can    Stewed tomatoes

1 can    Black or Kidney beans, rinsed

1 cup   Frozen corn

2          Green onion, chopped


Put the pork into a crock pot and season with the all-purpose spice rub.   Pour the tomatoes over the pork and cook on low for around 6 hours.  Pull the pork apart and add the beans and corn leaving the crock pot on warm.  Top with the onions before serving.

Makes about 8- 10 burritos.

12 thoughts on “Pulled Pork

  1. Just connected to you site via Dashboard.

    There is nothing like Mexican food in So Cal, and personally I’ve never been able to find some of my favorites from SD anyways else in the country. Great sounding pulled pork recipe.

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  2. I have never thought of this and it sounds SO delicious!! Thank you for sharing… I am going grocery shopping tonight and just added a pork loin! I will try to take some photos when I do and pass along.


  3. I still haven’t tried pulled pork which I’ve noticed to be so popular in many American food blogs. Your recipe sounds so yummy and simple. 😉


    • When you cook the pork in the crock pot it gets very tender and takes on some of the flavors of the liquid you cook it in. Change the liquid and you basically have a new dish. Enjoy


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