All Purpose Spice Rub

All Purpose Spice Rub

There are tons of spice mixtures on the market and we have all tried many of them, some better than others.  The biggest issue I have with the store bought varieties is the high content of salt.  I really want to get the flavor of the herbs and spice not just the salt.  So I decided that the only way to get what I want is to mix my own blends.  The following is what I use on a variety of meats and chicken.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

All Purpose Spice Rub

2 Tbsp.            Chili powder

2 Tbsp.            Paprika

1 Tbsp.            Turmeric

1 Tbsp.            Garlic powder

1 Tsp.              Sea salt

1 Tbsp.            Ground black pepper

Mix everything together and keep in a spice jar and use it on any meat or poultry to kick the flavor up a little.

11 thoughts on “All Purpose Spice Rub

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